Bugs commonly mistaken for bedbugs


Bed bugs are the one of the things you hope to never find in your home. There are other bugs that can crawl in your home and can be mistaken for bedbugs.

German cockroach nymph

Cockroach nymphs are small and dark are sometimes mistaken for bed bugs. Roaches are actual harder to get rid of than bedbugs. So calling in an inspector is a good rule of thumb if you suspect a bug infestation.

Drugstore beetle

Their name comes from their tendency to infest store products. These small, brown bugs are often mistaken for bedbugs, they also sting so beware of these bugs.

Shiny spider beetles

Their shiny red midsection get them mistaken for post-feeding bedbugs.

Bedbug dogs inspection, Manhattan

Residents of Manhattan are in luck, for if you suspect a bedbug infestation you can contact the inspectors of Go Green Bed Bug Dogs. They will come and identify your infestation and treat those bedbugs with technology that is safe for you and your family. Don’t wait for the infestation to grow, call them at (888)497-4591