Fact or Fiction: Bed Bug Myths Debunked

Bed Bug “Facts”

There are many claims made about bed bugs or household that have become infested. Here are a few of those supposed “facts” that are actually untrue:

  • Bed bugs only bite in the dark- While bed bugs are known to be more active at night, they can bite you at any time.
  • Only dirty homes have bed bugs- Anyone can get bed bugs despite the state of their own. Bed bugs have been known to infest the home of the wealthy but getting clutter will reduce the number of places bugs can hide.
  • Bed bugs are only found on the bed- As you have seen above, bed bugs are attracted to any living space in which they can hide. While the bed is the most convenient place for the bugs to hide, they will venture outward.

Bed Bug Dogs in NYC

As you can see, anyone can get bed bugs and it is not a reflection of you as a homeowner. If you suspect you have bed bugs, contact Go Green Bed Bug Dogs. We will sniff them out and eliminate them from your home. For an inspection, contact us at (888)497-4591.