Our Services

Go Green Bed Bug Dogs specializes exclusively in the detection and removal of bed bugs. We offer an innovative three step Integrated Management Approach.


The first step is determining if you have bed bugs and where they are located. Our fully certified and trained canine team will aid in the detection of bed bugs. Our canine team has been trained using the highest quality standards in the industry.


Cryonite freezing is the next step in our IMA approach. Cryonite is a form of liquid nitrogen that kills bed bugs and their eggs on contact. The liquid nitrogen is safe to use on any surface. Electronics and all household items can be safely treated with Cryonite. It has been been proven to be safe and effective in eliminating bed bugs and is 100% chemical free.


High heat steam is the final step in the IMA approach. Steam as hot as 420 degrees is used to kill any remaining bed bugs and their eggs.