Bed Bugs and Clothing

Bed bugs are one of the most persistent threats to modern hygiene. With adaptable mobility, impressive levels of hibernation and a parasitic design bordering on the flawless, bed bugs are the ideal stealth symbiote, hiding in clothing waiting to ambush their prey. These constantly-on-the-move creatures seek to infest sheets, garments, and any fabric or cloth substance with their presence.

Bed bugs are a very straightforward parasite. They feed on human blood, and primarily emerge at night to do so. Mostly smaller than a period on the page of a book, bed bugs are a stealthy threat which can infiltrate many houses with ease.

Bed bugs prefer clothing because it’s easy to hide in. Most clothing is thick enough to conceal bed bug eggs and juvenile bed bugs. Consider this when preparing your weekly wardrobe: Check your clothes for unusual clusters of spots, or signs of movement in and out of the seams and threads. If you have reason to believe your clothes have been infiltrated by bed bugs, don’t panic. Be sure to wash all of your clothes several times. If sightings persist, deep-clean your clothes or send them to the dry cleaner’s. By then, naturally, bed bugs may have transferred from clothing to bed sheets, or into carpets. Have the carpet steam-cleaned if possible and send the sheets out to the dry cleaner’s as well. Be sure to inform the bed bug dog team of the situation first: your goal here should be a minimum of infestations.

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Stay calm, and stay tuned!