Bedbug Pictures, Bedbug Dogs

It is very important that before receiving any treatments or getting any bedbug dog detection service that you know what a bedbug looks like.  You will notice from the picture below that bedbugs are very small and very thin.  Bedbugs are oval shaped and light brown to reddish in color.   They are attracted to the host because they can detect an increased level of carbon dioxide in the air.  They know when you are sleeping and that is when they come out to feed.  Bedbugs are also looking for warmth.

There are many times when bedbugs are present in a home or apartment and you may be getting bites but you cannot find the bedbugs.  They hide very well and if you are finding them easily, chances are there are more hiding.   Be sure to hire a specially trained bedbug sniffing dog and ask as many questions as possible about the dogs credentials.