Book Infestations

Recently reports have been coming in of a new bed bug place of residence in New York City: inside of library books. This painful reality comes as a wake-up call to the nature of bedbugs and their endurance capabilities. Bedbugs are extremely durable creatures and can survive up to several years’ lack of food. As extremely small invertebrates they require very little nourishment, and can go dormant for as long as it takes them to find a new host.

Bedbugs have settled in library books for two reasons: One, because in a way, library book pages resemble the linen they are accustomed to. Book spines especially are victim to these kinds of infestations, as the New York Times reports. Bedbugs inside library books are becoming an increasing problem in the NYC area. As the problem grows, more libraries are taking preventative measures like hiring bedbug-sniffing dogs on a regular basis. Go Green BedBug Dogs has worked with several libraries to quickly identify and eliminate the bed bugs and their eggs.

The bugs wait till the end of transit and hop off into the carpet or bed sheets when the trip is done. Returning books that had bed bugs in them is fairly straightforward: Simply place the book in a zip-lock bag to seal in any more bed bug generations, and inform your local library of the problem. Then return it personally to them.

If you suspect that your home or library is infected – call the experts at Go Green BedBug Dogs. Our team will work quickly and discreetly to deliver outstanding service and results. We service all of NY, NJ & CT. 888-497-4591

Stay calm, and stay tuned!