Places That You Can Get Bedbugs

Being Aware of Bed Bugs

Most of the time you never know you have bed bugs until they have made your house their home. We have compiled a list of the top ten public places where bed bugs are found and the easy steps you can take to prevent them from hitching a ride back to your home.

Retail Stores

While you’re shopping for clothing or home furniture, bed bugs are waiting for their new human host. Shake out any clothing you buy and be sure to check between those new couch cushions.

Movie Theatres

A theatre full of people getting comfy for a few hours is a dream for bedbugs. While you’re enjoying the latest blockbuster, the little critters are enjoying you. If you feel any bites or blood marks, be sure to shake yourself off before leaving.


Offices outfitted with carpet and plenty of furniture are seeing infestations of bedbugs. When you punch out be sure to you are only taking what you brought into the office.

Bed bug Removal NYC

If you suspect bed bugs in your home, call the inspectors of Go Green Bed Bug Dogs. Their K-9s will sniff out those pests and the inspector will eliminate them for good. For more information, contact us at (888) 497-4591.