Signs Indicating You May Have Bed Bugs


Beware – the bed bug lurks in New York City and New Jersey

If you live in Long Island, Manhattan, or New Jersey, put your bed bug treatment specialist on speed dial – if you haven’t already. Bed bugs have been battling exterminators there, for years.
How can you tell?


Generally, the first sign that you may have a few extra bed companions are bite marks. They are typically red and itchy, located in the arm and/or shoulder region.

Sounds like every other bug bite, right? Not exactly, bed bugs have a distinct arrangement, positioning in a row instead of a sporadic fashion.

Red Stains or Dark Spots

If you rise in the morning, finding red blotches or dark spots on your bedding, that may have been them. The blotches are your blood. However the dark spots could be feces, skin, eggs, or dead bugs.

Our dogs sniff point them out

If these telltale clues have appeared, give us a call as soon as you can. Although not dangerous, these pests will continue to annoy and fester.

We at Go Green Bed Bug Dogs have a team of trained canines who can spot them out effectively. Once they are pinpointed, we go in with the cyronite, then steam, and take care of it.