Mark L"Thanks for letting me know that we actually did not have bed bugs. I was pleasantly surprised that your dog showed no signs of bed bugs. It actually turns out that our dog had fleas, and being that he sleeps in our bed we automatically thought bed bugs."

Mark L

Gianna Z"During the holidays I was horrified to find out that my daughters college dorm had bed bugs. I called husband parents and he found your company online. I am so grateful that you were able to get rid of the bed bugs so my daughter and her roommates were able to go on with their normal routines. I could not believe how these little critters displaced her and totally interrupted her life and ours. Job Well Done!"

Gianna Z

Vincent W"We are writing this letter today as a sign of appreciation to Go Green Bed Bug Dogs. Your professionalism and hard work was recognized by our entire staff. We would not hesitate to recommend you to other building owners in the New York City area. Thank You."

Vincent W

Ruth L. Astoria, NY."We can't thank you enough for coming with your little dog and helping us get rid of bed bugs. Having Bed Bugs in our office was a nightmare and we are glad we found the right company to work with. We haven't had any bed bugs since you came and we felt good about not using any harmful chemicals. We are also a green friendly office."

Ruth L. Astoria, NY.